The New Jersey State Museum Foundation is the recipient of grant funding from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities (NJCH) to support a component of the exhibition “History Beneath Your Feet: Archaeology in the Capital City,” which will explore the social, cultural and environmental evolution of Trenton through archaeological artifacts.

Beginning in April 2023, the Museum will present “History Beneath Your Feet: Archaeology in the Capital City.” Cities have countless stories to tell and Trenton is no exception. Excavations performed throughout the city provide evidence of New Jersey’s original inhabitants, settlers and colonists, up to and including the city’s rich industrial past. The exhibition will detail the stories that shaped Trenton, the state and country.

Since the 1960s, archaeological projects within Trenton have uncovered thousands of artifacts which show that prehistoric and historic life is evident and preserved in some of the most unlikely places, such as a 2,000-year-old prehistoric site at the New Jersey Department of Labor building and under New Jersey’s first Secretary of State’s office in front of the State House.

The grant awarded $15,732 to create a self-guided walking mobile phone tour of sites in Trenton. The tour will provide a unique perspective while exploring the city’s history beneath the current landscape. It will also provide context to the stories told within the exhibition, and participants with smartphones will also have access to images.

The New Jersey Council for the Humanities awarded a total of $402,514 in grant funding to 33 organizations across the state for spring 2022. For 50 years, NJCH has explored, cultivated and championed the public humanities. They are dedicated to fostering appreciation for the field across New Jersey’s diverse community, in every district in the state. To learn more about upcoming grant opportunities and NJCH’s other exciting work in New Jersey, visit

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