If you look in the back of your closet, chances are there’s a pair of shoes that hasn’t seen the light of day for quite some time. Instead of letting those shoes collect dust another day longer, why not transform them into a fresh and exciting design? If you want to update an old pair of shoes into your new wardrobe staple, you’ll want to join Artworks for their latest upcoming workshop, “Customize Your Kicks”.

On Saturday, July 1st, you’re invited to give an old pair of kicks a new lease on life. The “Customize Your Kicks” workshop will be held from 2pm to 4pm at Artworks, located at 19 Everett Alley, Trenton, NJ 08611. At the workshops, materials will be provided so you can transform your old shoes into a completely new creation. The workshop will be led by the team at One Way Studios, a women-owned streetwear brand. If you’re interested in attending, registration is $50 per attendee. Guests can read more about the event and register to attend on the Artworks website here: Register – Customize Your Kicks.

This workshop is more than just a DIY, but a fantastic opportunity to do some upcycling. According to the EPA, Americans discard approximately 17 million tons of textile waste per year. That equates to 81.5 lbs. of waste per person per year! Especially in the era of fast fashion, when the day’s latest trend is obsolete by next week, holding onto items for longer and giving them new life is a fun and easy way to help keep waste out of landfills. In addition to keeping waste out of landfills, by repurposing an older item, that also results in less material needing to be manufactured to produce new goods. Your DIY can have a ripple effect in keeping our planet thriving, and this is an awesome chance to upcycle in style!

The course is hosted by Artworks, Trenton’s premier space for artists, makers, and creatives of all skill levels. From eye-catching galleries to hands-on workshops and community educational courses, there’s an opportunity for every Trentonian to get creative. Artworks also plays an instrumental role in some of Trenton’s most beloved arts events, including Art All Day and the upcoming Art All Night, a 24-hour celebration of creativity and community in the Capital City. Their efforts and initiatives remain integral in keeping the arts accessible in Trenton, fostering artistic diversity along the way. Through their unifying work, individuals from all walks of life are empowered to come together to fully appreciate all the arts have to offer. If you’d like to read more and support the organization, please visit their website here: Artworks – Home.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more prior to the workshop, please contact Artworks at info@artworkstrenton.org or (609) 394-9436 for more details. As it turns out, next season’s freshest kicks are the ones you already have, so be sure to grab your tickets today!

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