Below is an official message from City of Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora released yesterday, March 14, 2020:

To all City of Trenton residents, as of 12:01 a.m., March 14, 2020, in consultation with the City’s Emergency Management Coordinator (OEM Coordinator) and the Superintendent of Schools, the City has declared a State of Emergency within the City of Trenton as we continue to deal with the local and regional presence of the COVID-19 virus, commonly known as Coronavirus.

This decision is consistent with the State of Emergency declared by the President of the United States[1], by New Jersey’s Governor[2], and by the Mercer County Executive[3], and is the result of ongoing collaboration and consultations between my office, the OEM Coordinator, City Administrative Departments, Trenton Public Schools Superintendent, County of Mercer OEM Coordinator and other local, regional, state health and emergency management officials, and federal representatives; and is intended to help contain the spread of COVID-19 as the number of cases in the state and region grows.  A State of Emergency in the City of Trenton has been deemed necessary to ensure the continued provision of essential services to our residents during this ongoing and developing health emergency.

Specifically, it is Ordered that:

  1. City Hall will be restricted to essential personnel as determined by the respective Department Directors;
  2. City of Trenton Public Schools will be closed from March 14 through March 27th, while conducting pre-prepared lesson plans and remote learning programs, schools will deliver free and reduced meals at regional school centers; special education learning will continue to the extent possible;
  3. All Senior Centers will be closed from March 14 through March 27th, while meals will be distributed;
  4. Recreation Centers will be closed from March 14 through March 27th, museums will also be closed during this time; while parks will remain accessible;
  5. All public safety operations will continue with specified limitations in public access to police and fire headquarters;
  • Municipal Court will be closed from March 16 through 27 and with restricted public access to the court staff.;
  • Health and other essential code inspections will continue with reduced administrative personnel and public access to City Hall;
  • Department of Water and Sewer will continue operations with limited access for customer service; on-line payment(s) will be encouraged. We will be suspending turn-off notices for delinquent payments until further notice;
  • Public Works and specifically garbage collection will continue subject to changing personnel limitations;
  • A public hotline number and email protocol will be set up to respond to resident inquiries regarding this public health emergency.

It is Advised that all City restaurants, retail establishments, and other places of public accommodation develop sanitation protocol and ensure clean conditions between customers; and further that hand sanitizers be provided to customers at entrances and exits to such establishments; gloves should be worn while handling food and sales merchandise. The City will remain vigilant for price gouging and other unscrupulous business practices.

It is Advised that Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and other places of worship limit person to person interaction and provide for social distancing.

It is Advised that City social organizations, clubs and nonprofit entities limit person to person contact and provide for social distancing.

Because the COVID-19 virus has been deemed a pandemic, we recognize that there will be disruption to City services and access to City Hall.  Notwithstanding, as local government officials, public workers, volunteers and other contracting agencies and personnel, we will do our best to continue to provide essential services for the public good of our City residents.  We regret having to close or limit services normally provided to school children, parents, seniors, disabled persons and those who rely on City resources.  Our Emergency Management team will continue to monitor the public health emergency closely and is prepared respond to any contingencies that arise.

The City will provide residents with public service announcements twice daily, at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, though social media and the City website. The URL’s to both can be found below:

While we rely upon the expertise of federal, state and county officials to help contain this virus, we have faith in our neighbors and fellow citizens to rise to this challenge for the good of our City in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, be safe and please follow recommended guidance from your healthcare provider.

[1] Declaration of Donald J. Trump, March 13, 2020

[2] Executive Order 103 of Governor Phil Murphy, March 9, 2020

[3] Executive Order 2020-01 of Brian Hughes, March 12, 2020

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