Beginning Thursday, October 22, 2020 through November 1, 2020, the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Program will be hosting its annual poetry festival online through a virtual live-stream.

This year, with over 100 poets from over 10 organizations, the festival hopes to bring connections through conversations as spoken-word artists, writers and more, share their personal written works.

“I think that it’s really good and intentional that it’s the Dodge Poetry Festival, not the Dodge Poetry Conference or anything, because it really does feel like it’s a celebration of poetry,” said Aaron Coleman in the Dodge Festival’s promotional trailer.

A major component to the Dodge Poetry Festival is the promotion of inclusivity. Throughout the event, attendees will have opportunities to engage in a “Community Room” where you can participate, with video or without, in discussing the poetry sessions. In addition, these rooms will allow attendees to take part in an open-mic session and Q&A’s.

This year, the festival is offering three different pass options to attend. The first one is a simple streaming pass, which is free and offers the basic access to all public live streams and community discussion groups. The second pass offered is the, “pay what you can” and “support the festival”, pass. This pass asks members of the community to donate what they can to supporting the festival monetarily. By doing so, those who donate will have access to recordings of the sessions which can be watched later On-Demand.

The third pass option for this years Dodge Poetry Festival is the educational pass. At no cost, this pass is for students and educators from accredited institutions and offers all content with the addition of private-teacher and student-only session opportunities throughout the week.

As the organization prepares for the upcoming event, attendees and writers are hoping to share the collective love they have for spoken word.

“The world can be corrosive, the worlds acidic,” said BJ Ward in the Dodge Festival’s promotional trailer. “Poetry is the kind of anti-acid that the attendees here recognize and they’re coming in to say remind me; remind me of the joy of the profound silence exquisitely arranged words can create in me.”

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