BSB Gallery will hold its next artist talk Today from 1 to 3 p.m., featuring Brigitte Aflalo-Calderon, Alia Bensliman, Antoinette Marchfelder, Phillip McConnell, and Addison Vincent. RSVP here.

“The Collaborators” is about pushing the artform of photography through collaboration. Artist and curator, C.a. Shofed invited thirteen artists from various backgrounds to work with him on this multidisciplinary project, to stretch one another’s boundaries, both stylistically and thematically. “The Collaborators” is the product of a 2 year creative project designed and curated by Shofed. Individually, artists selected one of Shofed’s original fine art photographs to transform into an original collaborative piece. Shofed chose artists that he felt would push him as an artist, and the collaboration process. To date, “The Collaborators” has been C.a. Shofed’s most intentional collaborative art series.

Exhibition on Display: Now – Saturday, December 1st

Participating Artists: Briggitte Aflalo-Calderon, Laura Beard, Alia Bensliman, Jennifer Hill, Will Kasso, Jessica Klein, Antoinette Marchfelder, Vinita Mathur, Phillip McConnell, Erika Rachel, Tamara Torres, Meredith Remz, C.a. Shofed, Addison Vincent.

Closing Reception, The Collaborators: On Saturday, December 1st, BSB Gallery will hold a special closing reception for The Collaborators from 2 -5 pm. They will also have special guest Jan Huling speak about her current work on loan at the gallery, The Gown: Affinity. For more information, stay up to date on their Facebook Page.

Jan Huling’s The Gown: Affinity now through January 2019, has been shown at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and Pen & Brush Gallery in Manhattan. It has won best in show in sculpture from Fiber Arts Now and has been praised in the Baltimore Sun Newspaper. Learn More

Revolutionary Era Call For Art: The deadline for Revolutionary Resolve call for art is this Sunday, November 18th. Learn More

The BSB is looking for proposals from artists. They’ll be taking proposals until the end of December so please visit BSB’s website and spread the news about their first ever art proposal season we are in the middle of. The BSB staff looks forward to reading some of your ideas.

BSB Gallery, 143 East State St. Suite 4

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