Stories are wonderful, but have you ever wanted to see the American Revolution come to life? Now you can!

History buffs of all ages are invited to Washington’s Crossing State Park to witness a reenactment of George Washington’s landing in New Jersey. The event will be held on Sunday, December 11th from 10 am to 3 pm. The reenactment will feature State Park historians, the Washington Crossing Park Association, the First Rhode Island Regiment, and other New Jersey-based reenactor groups. The re-enactors will give the public a chance to witness one of the most consequential moments in the Revolution as they experience the Crossing and march to Trenton through the eyes of the men and women who lived through it.

The encampment will be set up at Washington Crossing Park’s “Overlook”, located next to the Johnson Ferry House (355 Washington Crossing-Trenton Outskirts, Titusville, NJ). As guests arrive, reenactors will invite attendees to take a brief “march” over the park’s pedestrian bridge, offering a stunning view of the Delaware River. After a successful crossing of their own, attendees will then have a chance enjoy to a warm fire and hot apple cider while reenactors tell the enthralling tales of Mercer County’s role in the Revolution. Guests will also get to enjoy a presentation from respected historian Larry Kidder entitled “The Crossing Was Just the Beginning: The little-known story of local New Jersey militiamen who guided Washington’s army to Trenton.”

Washington’s crossing of the Delaware and his ultimate march into Trenton is regarded as one of the most iconic moments of the American Revolution, and it happened right in our backyard! If you’ve ever wondered how Washington’s troops navigated the icy Delaware, endured a blizzard, and marched onward to victory, now is the ultimate opportunity to see just how that was achieved. However, we would not be able to enjoy these experiences today without the sacrifice of those who originally endured that treacherous journey.

The First Rhode Island Regiment is a group of African-American reenactors who tell the stories of historically underrepresented men and women who served during the Revolution. As a living-history organization, they seek to provide a voice to those who have not typically been represented in narratives about our nation’s history. By holding space for the stories of those honorable men and women who served in America’s founding, we can enjoy a fuller, more cohesive vision of how our nation came to be.

Furthermore, representation matters: according to research, seeing oneself represented in history, media, etc. can increase self-esteem in marginalized groups, particularly for youth. Through others’ lived experiences, audiences are better able to see themselves in various roles, and offers the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Representation can also provide a source of validation and support.

If you’re interested in coming out to this revolutionary event, additional details are available here: Washington’s Landing – WCPA. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or are just getting started, we’re certain you’ll learn a thing or two about one of New Jersey’s most famous tales.

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