Birds are a magical species which brings magic to our everyday lives. As these majestic creatures both great and small soar above our heads, it’s hard not to be captivated by these awesome avian specimens. Here in the Garden State, we are home to a diverse and thriving population of birds, each of whom present their own unique quirks, charms, and characteristics. And if you’ve never taken a moment to take a look around, you’re missing out on one of our community’s greatest natural wonders. Whether you’re been birding for the better part of your lifetime or never thought much about these special critters, a glimpse towards the skies can be a beautiful experience for those who take the time to take it all in. If you’re ready to begin on your birding adventure, you will be sure to want to attend the upcoming Cadwalader Park Birding Walk.

On Sunday, May 5th, you are invited to soar to Cadwalader Park for a morning of the best birding in Trenton. The walk will begin at 8am at the intersection of Stanley Avenue and Cadwalader Drive. You can find directions to the meetup spot here: Directions – Birding Walk. Birders of all levels are welcome, so no need to be an avian expert in order to be part of the fun! This event is completely free to participate in, however advanced registration will be required. You can sign up to participate on the NJ Conservation website, linked here: Register – Birding Walk. If you are unable to attend the upcoming walk but still wish to support this important work, there is also an option to make a donation on the registration page linked above.

Throughout the walk, guests will have the opportunity to explore the splendor of Cadwalader Park while getting to know the area’s thriving population of birds. Some of the expected specimens on this lovely springtime adventure include Warblers, Orioles, Redstarts, and plenty of other species who have flocked into town for the season. Your host for the afternoon will be Jason Hall of the “In Color Birding Club”, who will be joined alongside other birding experts. During the morning’s events, guests will learn to identify birds by both sight and sound, and will also have the opportunity to learn proper binocular techniques. Binoculars will be provided to attendees, so all you need to bring is yourself and a curiosity to learn more! The 3rd Annual Cadwalader Park Birding Walk is made possible due to the Helen Corbin Carter and Ogden B. Carter Urban Birding Program, which is made possible due to the generous support of a family member.

The beauty of birding is the best way to kick off your Sunday, so sure to secure your spot before this event flies into town!

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