National Junior Tennis and Learning of Trenton (NJTLT) will be honoring Donald Loff at its 16th Annual Capital Cup Charity Tennis Tournament on September 8, 2019 at Trenton Country Club (201 Sullivan Way, West Trenton, NJ).

“An avid tennis player, Don has been a supporter of NJTL of Trenton and an advocate to helping the children in the Trenton and surrounding communities. He has served on many Boards and in leadership roles for various nonprofit organizations, including Mercer County Community College, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, Junior Achievement, Volley for SERV, Capital Health System, Mercer County Community College Foundation Board, The NJ State Commission on Higher Education, and The NJ State Council of Community Colleges,” said Thomas Majdanski, NJTLT President.

The event features doubles tennis tournament play in Men’s & Women’s A & B Divisions and Mixed A & B Divisions in a Round Robin format. This year’s event will enable participants to play with a student Ashe Elite player. The tournament will also feature a student Ashe Elite Tennis Tournament and a Pro-Amateur Tennis Exhibition.

A barbecue lunch will be provided by Trenton Country Club from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. along with a Family Dinner Extravaganza starting at 4 p.m. during which there will be a Pro-Amateur exhibition match and a television feed of the US Open finals.

The mission of NJTL of Trenton is to create opportunities for success by enriching the lives of under-resourced youth through innovative tennis, education, and mentoring programs.

Individuals interested in participating or sponsorship opportunities for the Capital Cup Charity Tennis Tournament are invited to register online at for further information.

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