As one of the key strategic locations to the Revolution, Trenton was uniquely situated with a front-row seat to the formation of our country. We often hear the stories of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other familiar faces from our textbooks and historical education. But beyond those men lie hundreds of witnesses, each with their account of this exciting time in our fledging nation’s history. If you’d like to take a peak behind the curtain of one of our nation’s most crucial times, you are invited to join the William Trent House for their latest seminar, “Trenton Eyewitnesses to Revolution.”

On Sunday, August 13th, the William Trent House invites you and your family to learn more about Abraham Hunt and Dr. William Bryant, two Trentonians who lived through the Revolutionary War. This fascinating conversation will begin at 2 pm at the Trent House Visitor Center at 15 Market St., Trenton, NJ 08611. There is plenty of free parking available near the location. This event is entirely free to attend, although advanced registration is required. If you wish to participate in this fascinating conversation, please RSVP by visiting the link here: Register – Trent House. Larry Kidder, a subject matter expert, will lead the seminar.

Abraham Hunt, the first man of the hour, served as a merchant in the community. He was active in civic affairs before the Revolution and supplied the Continental Army during the War. Meanwhile, Bryant worked as a British Army surgeon and received a half-pay pension after he retired, later purchasing “Kingsbury,” now known as the Trent House! Although these men lived very different lives, they were both suspected of having Loyalist leanings during the Revolution. Despite facing hardship from neither Patriot nor Loyalist forces, hearing of the lives of Loyalist sympathizers is a perspective seldom heard in our history books.

While often forgotten in history, the stories of the men and women who lived through the American Revolution provide us with critical insights and perspectives you wouldn’t otherwise find in your standard retelling of the tale. When studying history, learning more about those who resided right in your community is always of particular interest. In doing so, we’re empowered to retrace their steps and learn more about the formation of the place we now call home all these years later. As Trentonians, we’re lucky: so much of our nation’s history happened right here on our doorstep! If you’re looking to learn more about the place you call home, diving into the life and times of those who came before us is a beautiful place to start.

If you have any questions or want to learn more before attending, please get in touch with the William Trent House here: Contact Us. A trip back in time awaits you in Trenton, so sign up today!


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