Home is where the heart is. For Guillermo Gomez and Dina Ochoa-Gomez, owners of Finca Café, home is where the coffee brews.

Recently opened for business in late December of 2019, Finca Café is welcoming the residents of Trenton to experience the taste of home, one coffee at a time. Born and raised on a coffee growing farm in Colombia, coffee has been passed down for generations in Guillermo’s family, as his parents and grandparents were coffee growers as well. At the age of fifteen, when Guillermo experienced the tragic loss of his father, he held close to him, the memories and lessons of his dad as a coffee grower. Finally, after eight years of working in real estate, Guillermo has once again connected with his roots and is now serving homemade authentic Colombian coffee to the Trenton community, alongside his wife, Dina Ochoa-Gomez.

The married couple, Guillermo and Dina, have worked together as real estate agents in the city of Trenton since they met in 2005. Having a deep understanding of the market of Trenton, while also sharing a level of connection with a great portion of the community, being that both Guillermo and Dina are immigrants, the couple realized that there would be no better place to open up shop.

“If you are writing Trenton off, you are absolutely wrong, Trenton is coming back. We love Trenton. We want to support Trenton and make it an awesome place for everybody,” says Guillermo.

As immigrants and civic advocates, the couple recognizes the necessity and yearning to feel at home, and thus, by serving authentic coffee and offering friendly service, the Gomez’s hope to serve as the sense of home others within the community might be in search for.

“Our most important goal is to create a place, an environment, which is an alternative to the current Trenton residents, so that they may come and make this their home,” added Guillermo.

Familiar with the hard work that goes into growing and producing coffee, the Gomez’s intend to serve every cup of coffee with the same quality, of precious value, which could not be done without the help of friends and family members such as “Julian, Luisa, Nora, Daniel, David, Gerson, Noe, Pablo, Esteban, Byron, Laura, Zack, Valentina and so many more,” as Guillermo explained.

At Finca Café, the customers’ opinions are a great priority, and so the cafe’s menu is always open to being adjusted, expanded, etc. with the help of customer feedback. Finca Café also allows community artists to showcase their art on a dedicated wall in the cafe weekly, an initiative known as “Finca Exhibits.”

Located at 862 South Broad Street in Trenton, New Jersey, where Jhonny’s Deli formally operated for forty-two years, Finca Café is open Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m to 3 p.m. As of now, the business operates according to their winter hours and hopes to extend their hours by the summer of 2020.

For more information, visit their website at https://finca-cafe.business.site or call (609) 571-9211.

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