Flavorful, colorful, classical — three words that perfectly capture the essence of Guatelinda, an authentic Guatemalan restaurant in Trenton. Nestled within South Clinton Ave. (1234 S. Clinton Ave.), Guatelinda’s heart rests within the genuine tradition of its native land.

A trip to Guatemala is what Guatelinda serves, delivering the full Guatemalteco (Guatemalan) experience to each of its customers. With its cheerful exterior and interior décor, the restaurant resembles a modern version of an old-fashioned fonda (small restaurant/shack). The restaurant’s colorfully painted walls and outdoor seats are a mere replication of the Latin culture, for the food in it self represents the true pride, vivaciousness, and energy of the Guatemalan people.

The most notable meals, customer’s favorites of the establishment are Mar y Tierra (Sea and Land), a dish that includes rice, steak, and shrimp, and Bandeja Guatelinda (Guatelinda Tray) which includes rice, beans, shrimp, avocado and steak. Crafted to cater to the palate of its hungry customers, the menu also offers a variety of other foods to choose from such as soups, tacos, seafood, etc. Paired along with these meals are the restaurant’s many handmade refreshers in the tropical flavors of pineapple, melon, and tamarind.

In addition to the alluring décor and flavorsome food, Guatelinda also prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers. Ensuring that the restaurant can serve as a Guatemalan oasis away from home, there are often live performances conducted by mariachi bands. The establishment’s staff also greets their customers both in person and on Facebook, thanking them for their visit. Another token of appreciation of its customers is the restaurant’s free delivery!

For more information, visit Guatelinda on Facebook (@Guatelinda Trenton) or call (609) 989-4984.

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