Spread across five locations within central New Jersey, Guatepan is serving up some fresh, sweet, and soft treats to the locals. Using only the best ingredients and an abundant amount of love, Guatepan is able to serve their customers such delicious and homey baked goods.  

With Guatepan, family is most important, which is why their eateries are designed to make each customer feel at home. Whether it’d be through a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee or through the layers of a fluffy oven-baked torta, one is sure to find comfort within the familial-like establishment.  

Some of Guatepan’s most famous desserts include Tarta de Fruta (a fruit tart topped with freshly cut fruit), tiramisu (a coffee and mascarpone cake), and the house favorite, Tres Leches (a milky sponge cake, decked with a variety of tropical fruit). Though the eatery glimmers with its beautiful display of colorful desserts and sweets (cakes, cookies, rolls, etc.), the menu is extended with options far beyond just those of an ordinary bakery. 

Also offered on the menu are a variety of cold sandwiches and breakfast meals that are not only of traditional Guatemalan culture, but of American culture as well. From your traditional stack of pancakes with maple syrup to their notable Desayuno Tipico Guatepan (Typical Guatepan Breakfast), a combination of fried eggs over a tortilla served with black beans, fried plantains, and fresh cheese, Guatepan has meals and pastries sure to start off anyone’s day.  

A major hotspot for those in the Trenton area, the establishment has cultivated such a massive liking among its customers because of the clean and amiable environment it has created. If you’re seeking a family-friendly breakfast spot or need a morning “pick me up,” stop by Guatepan located on 1147 Hamilton Ave and 400 Genesse St in Trenton, New Jersey.  

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