For decades, Trenton has played a fundamental role in connecting the world around us. From winning the battles that ultimately won our nation’s freedom to the industrial inventions that make our lives run, this community has always been on the cutting edge of bringing brilliance to the world. Especially in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, Trenton was a top producer of some of the world’s most in-demand exports, including the materials needed to build the bridges which connect our nation. Today, let’s explore the role Trenton played in the building of bridges, the industrial giants behind them, and take a peak at the many marvels forged by the makings of Trenton materials.

When it comes to the triumphs of Trenton’s industrial past, there are few larger titans of industry than the John A. Roebling’s Sons Company. Over the course of its accomplished past, the John A. Roebling’s Sons Company was responsible for producing the materials utilized in some of the world’s most famous bridges. The Roebling’s Sons Company was responsible for the production of steel and wire rope, key components in the construction of bridges. During their time in Trenton, the company was the community’s largest employer, offering hundreds of Trentonians the opportunity to earn a living right in our community. The Roebling’s Sons Company was also a family business in every sense of the word, having been passed down through 4 generations of Roeblings during its 112-year reign.

John A. Roebling played a critical role in the development of America’s infrastructure, having earned the distinction of one of America’s premier constructors of suspension bridges. During the 19th century, when the technology to create these industrial marvels was only just emerging, what Roebling would go on to accomplish would prove to be a spectacular feat of engineering. Throughout the Roebling Company’s proud history, their materials would traverse all across the globe. From up north in Canada all the way to South America and beyond, materials produced right here in Trenton continue to withstand the test of time in some of the world’s most storied bridges.

While the Roebling Company was responsible for producing materials for landmarks all over the globe, perhaps the most famous example is the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Connecting the boroughs of NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge remains a massive tourist destination for thousands of visitors each year. Another iconic destination forged by the wares of Trenton is the Golden Gate Bridge, where the Roebling company was responsible for providing this iconic structure with its connecting cables. Other famous landmarks include the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge, Mexico’s Puente de Ojuela, and Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Bridge.

When marveling at the feats of Trenton’s industry, one can’t help but harken back to a familiar phrase embellished on a bridge of our very own: “Trenton Makes, the World Takes”. ¬†Whether we realize it or not, the pioneers of our city’s past have laid the groundwork for the life we now enjoy in every area of our day to day existence. From the bridges we travel to the cups we pour our morning coffee in, Trenton has and continues to play an instrumental role in keeping our world moving forward. As our city continues to forge ahead towards its bright future, may we all remember the legacy of John A. Roebling as we continue to bridge Trenton to the world.

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