Veterans Day is coming up this Saturday, November 11th, and all throughout the nation, we are honoring those who served. As a community with deep historical ties, Trenton has been home to a long and proud list of veterans from the very beginning of our nation. While Memorial Day honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, Veterans Day is a chance to honor all service members for their commitment to our country. From those currently serving to those who served many moons ago, our nation owes a great deal of debt to those who put it all on the line to serve our country. Today, let’s take a trip through Trenton and explore some of the many spots honoring the history, legacy, and tenacity of the United States Armed Forces.

The Old Barracks: The Old Barracks, which harkens back to the Revolutionary War, was host to some of our nation’s very first veterans. The United States Armed Forces was originally formed on June 14th, 1775 in response to increasing tensions with British forces. Although the Old Barracks housed both Loyalist and American soldiers, a walk around the Old Barracks offers guests a look at what life might have been like for our nation’s very first fighters. Thoughtfully cared for and curated over the years, the Old Barracks remains a treat for any fan of military history.

Trenton War Memorial: The Trenton War Memorial was constructed in 1932 as a “a great community center” devoted to the memory of Mercer County’s soldiers and sailors who served in World War One. Designed with “beauty, dignity, and civic utility” in mind, this stately monument serves as a beautiful reminder of those who served at this pivotal time in our nation’s history. Today, the War Memorial serves as a grand venue, welcoming hundreds into its halls each year. With its intricate architecture and distinct design, this grand monument continues to honor the legacy of those who fought for our nation’s continued prosperity.

Trenton Battle Monument: Much like the Old Barracks, the Trenton Battle Monument honors the valiant soldiers of the Revolutionary War. The Battle Monument commemorates George Washington’s victory in the Battle of Trenton, a moment which is oft considered the turning point of the Revolutionary War. This monument serves as a constant reminder of Trenton’s significance throughout history, having served as a pillar of our democracy from the very beginnings of our nation. Shining brightly amongst the skyline of the Capital City, Trentonians have access to a constant reminder of the hard-fought victories won by those who risked it all in the establishment of our nation.

Trenton’s WWII Memorial: Trenton’s World War II Monument, located directly across from the New Jersey Statehouse, is a grand testament to our nation’s “Greatest Generation”. Beyond just remembering those who were lost in this valiant fight, the WWII Memorial serves as a living celebration of the courage and sacrifice of the more than 560,000 New Jerseyans who served in the armed forces during the war. Perfectly placed at the center of town, this monument assured that the stories of those who served will continue to persevere for generations to come.

Although the life of a soldier may look different today than it did all those years ago, the solemn vow of service taken by each member of our armed forces continues to connect these service members across the generations. Learning more about our military’s history, commemorating their efforts, and sharing their stories with the next generation is a small but impactful means by which we can show our appreciation to veterans both near and far. On Veterans Day and every day, may we continue to remember, honor, and respect those who have and continue to serve for the benefit of our nation.

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