When it comes to the social fabric, clothes are a key way in which we communicate about ourselves and with the world around us. With just a glance, our outfits tell the world more about who we are, what we do, and what kinds of lives that we may lead. Whether you’re out and about in your work uniform or repping one of your favorite sports teams, your clothes are an . In the United States Military, uniforms play an important role in designating status, rank, and responsibility in the armed forces. From America’s first servicemen to the present day, a soldier’s uniform has represented the story of the valiant soul adorned in these garments. Today, let’s take a look back at what the men of America’s Armed Forces may have worn through the course of the Revolutionary War.

The military uniforms of yesteryear are a stark contrast from the ones you may see members of the military wearing today. While today’s military uniforms are all about camouflage, practicality, and strategy, the uniforms of the Revolutionary War had a much more flamboyant and regal flare. Members of the American forces could be seen in a wide variety of attires, usually a signifier of the particular battalion in which they served. As the United States was not yet an independent nation, many of those fighting on behalf of the fledgling US had no choice but to wear everyday civilian clothes in the face of battle.

Closer to the end of the war, uniforms would truly become “uniform”, with soldiers now clothed in a uniform featuring blue button-down coats, headpieces, and trousers. Soldiers would also wear a colored sash across their chest which signified which branch of the military they were affiliated with. The newly upgraded regalia for these freedom-fighting regiments marked a major shift in the Revolution, signifying a visual unification of this newly formed nation. America’s Revolutionary-era uniforms took influence from both French and British military garb. A major moment for unity in the armed forces, the evolution of Revolutionary War attire represented far more than just a change in clothes.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, the British were known for their iconic redcoats. More than just a nickname, this fitting moniker described the crimson red adornments which British soldiers wore into battle. As a long-established military, the British Army certainly had the advantage of cohesion earlier on in the war. That said, it wouldn’t be long before the United States came up with an iconic uniform of their own. A stark contrast between the dominant empire and the soon-to-be United States, the mere visuals of this war tell a powerful story of an underdog victory.

While fashion likely isn’t your first thought when it comes to the Revolutionary War, this regalia nonetheless plays a major role in the story of our nation. The attire of the Revolution is woven into the history of our nation, offering an exciting visual journey of the quest to become a nation.

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