For Historic Trenton’s Day in the Life, we’re’ looking back through newspapers from the beginning and examining everyday problems, solutions, and needs during historic Trenton’s past. Today, we go back to Saturday, January 13, 1917 as the city was hustling and bustling about getting ready for the inauguration of Governor-Elect Walter E Edge that coming Tuesday.

The Trenton Boy Scout Troop and other troops in the area were assigned to guide those who entered the city, pointing out where the parade would be and how to get there. They lined every entrance into the city of Trenton and even stood at the Railroad station waiting for people to come off the train. 

In other news, plans for the big Inauguration Day Masquerade Dance we’re being made to prepare for the dance on Tuesday evening. The event was said to host a Second Regiment Military Band as the guests would dance, eat and even receive prizes for those who had the fanciest, well-crafted costumes. Meanwhile, the Young Trenton Society Women were training as War Nurses to prepare for United States’ decision to get involved in the conflict in Europe, also known as World War 1. 

A lead story on the front page featured Nick Kuhn, an old-timer as described by the Trenton Times. He asked the court officials to run out to get him a beer. “Say, go out and me a can of beer before you send me over,” writes the times quoting what Kuhn said. The courts did not comply.

Cosmic Chemical Plant, one of the newest local industries, came to the city that month. The plant was originally in New York City before moving down to Trenton and being introduced by the Chamber of Commerce. The Cosmic Chemical Plant specialized in blending oils and turn-out greases as well as compounds and petroleum soaps. 

Finally, we learn of a reporter who saw a suburbanite going home with three snow shovels an ice pick and a woman growling at her husband because he laughed so much at the previous night’s minstrel show.

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