For Historic Trenton’s Day in the Life, we look back through newspapers from the very beginning and seeing what everyday problems, solutions, and needs were met during historic Trenton’s past.

Today we set our focus on Monday, September 16th 1895, as reported by The Trenton Evening Times. The top headlines included Maggie Hissenis: He Believes the Elective Judiciary Act to Be Constitutional; Held the Wrong Boy: A Lawyer’s Funny Mistake; Done Up By the Police: The Cupeto Ball Team Defeated Two to One; Giggs and Kean Leading at their Republican Competitors; and Two Sudden Deaths in the Community. 

The lead story involved Justice Magle upholding the constitutionality of the elective judiciary act. The dispute was about how much power the legislature had to alter or abolish inferior courts relative to the Court of Common Pleas. Toward the middle of the paper, we learn that thieves broke into Central M.E Church of Bordentown, cranberries are being harvested, and a man fell from his bicycle and fractured his arm. 

We learn that proposals have been advertised for building additions to the Boller House in the city of Trenton; a special joint meeting was called between Police and fire commissioners to discuss the inspection of the departments; and impure blood is the cause of boils, pimples and nail problems, but Sarsaparilla miraculously purifies and cures those troubles!

An advertisement boasts a dozen led pencils for five cents; Miss Nellie V. Fury, of South Warren Street, returns from her visit to Camden; and the fall season at the Y.M.C.A. opens auspiciously as about six hundred people attend the organization’s meeting. More importantly, Elmer E. Green, Jr. of West State Street arrived home from his summer sojourn at Spring Lake.

It also comes to our attention that John Haggerty, who formerly attended the State schools and played a fine game on the football team, returned to take his position as end rusher on the team; while James C. Tattersall is arranging a hare and hound chase on bicycles to be ridden across the country.

From imitation alligator grips to pink and lavender toilet sets, the visions of a past city are vivid as we continue to take the journey down Historic Trenton’s Day in the Life.

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