For Historic Trenton’s Day in the Life, we’re looking back through newspapers from the very beginning and seeing what everyday problems, solutions, and needs were met during historic Trenton’s past.

Today, we go back in time to September 30th, 1907. The top headlines were: Meeting Tonight in River Campaign; Chamber of Commerce Board will Complete Arrangements for Conference; Patrick Tiernan, 99 years old, dies; and Jersey Primary Law Carried to Courts.  

The longest story on the front page was all about Justice Swayze filing an opinion compelling the return of the Metuchen Primary Ballot. The article describes 62 ballots that were replaced with a different vote. The Board of Registry and Election rejected the marked ballots on the grounds that they were not properly cast.

A Miss Emma Bruun was leaving Trenton that week to celebrate her wedding in Japan; the Y.M.C.A. officially opened the Trenton Association Orchestra; and a $50 reward was set for John Burns of Lambertville, who seemingly disappeared. In other news, an 11-year-old girl caused $15,000 in damages at the Penns Manor, but no charges were filed against her.

In the advertisements for that week, the Opera House was selling neckwear for 2 cents a piece and fall footwear was coming into style. Farrfi’s on N. Broad and Academy Streets looked to convince reader’s that they could sell their carpets and the Interstate Fair tickets were free after September 19th. 

Trenton hosted many events that week like the Turner Hall-German Alliance Meeting; Trent Theater, which hosted a Vaudeville Show; and the Taylor Opera House, which presented “The Tourists.”  From 45 dogs escaping the pound to freedom to centuries of playwrights and performances, the visions of a past city are vivid as we continue to take the journey down Historic Trenton’s Day in the Life.

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