Trenton Mayor W. Reed Gusciora, Trenton Councilwoman Margie Caldwell-Wilson and other officials, joined Sprout U School of the Arts on September 21 to unveil Leon “Rain” Rainbow’s latest mural.

The second in a series of COVID-inspired murals, his newest creation at 27 East Paul Avenue in Trenton, was created on a wall of Sprout U School of the Arts and illustrates the blending of arts and technology as people adapt to teaching and learning in the current climate.

I wanted to make a ‘we are survivors’ theme incorporating how that theme works within the school setting,” said Rainbow. “The mural includes a Zoom call, a stylus, people creating art on the computer and silhouettes of some of the students.” Rainbow also artfully depicted Sprout U School of the Arts director Danielle Miller-Winrow and her daughter.

Rainbow’s work combines graffiti, street art and other artistic forms into innovative projects and events and speaks to a wide audience on so many levels. “Art is not a hobby or a career for me. It is a passion, a need, how I express myself and deal with life,” says Rainbow.

Sponsored by Trenton Downton Association, “We Are Survivors” was made possible with continued funding from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and NJM Insurance Group.

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