Trenton residents are invited to stretch their creative muscles for a Locust Hill area logo contest.

The contest officially started this week and all Trenton residents are welcome to put forward their ideas for a logo. Algernon Ward, the Locust Hill Project Director, said they are looking for the community to bring identity to the project.

“We’re putting out newsletters, flyers and things of that nature, and we wanted to bring some identity to the neighborhood. So we resurrected the whole name, Locust Hill, and use that as how we described the area,” Ward said.

He explained that they were going to make their logo but decided instead to have the Trenton community provide ideas in the form of a contest.

“We were tossing around what kind of logo we should use, and we decided to let the people decide, or at least contribute to the discussion about what kind of logo should be there,” Ward said.

The only criteria designers have to follow is that the logo design has to feature the Locust Tree. “It refers to the locust trees that grow there natively. That has to be somehow incorporated in your logo. And after that, people’s creativity can come through,” Ward said.

The project is in partnership with The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) students who help design the flyer, as well as TCNJ students, who have done numerous studies on the locust Hill area.

“We’ve had a great collaboration, the students have come out and done studies of the creek, we did foliage studies at the cemetery itself, bird studies… So we’re continuing the scientific work that had already begun and adding to it, so that we can fully characterize the nature of the Locus Hill area in scientific terms,” Ward said.

The deadline to submit a logo is June 10; the winner will receive a $100 prize! To submit, simply head to this link. Paper submissions can also be delivered the East Trenton Collaborative at 601 North Clinton Ave., Trenton NJ 08638.

“We know the people in the community are creative people. And we’re looking forward to some good submissions… We’re looking for a nice logo so that it can be our community logo for a lot of the things that we do after this,” Ward said.

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