Trenton Public School Secretary Danita Bell was inspired with a great idea; one that would eventually manifest as a foundation called Love Needs Love, which provides support and assistance for graduating seniors, further investing into the lives of young boys and girls.

Love Needs Love provides scholarships in the form of gift cards to essential stores such as Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target as their mission is to assist a graduating senior with dorm room essentials in the form of towels, sheets, and bedding. With over 20 years of experience as a Trenton Public School secretary, Danita Bell discovered that many students are in desperate need of certain college materials but often lack the proper support in getting all the essentials for school.

While working at Trenton Central High School’s West Campus, Bell the founder and CEO of Love Needs Love, had another great idea to support a graduating senior. The organization soon began hosting an annual lip-sync show titled Saturday Night With The Stars at the New Jersey State Museum. Here, students along with families and other members of the community would play the role of old and new school artists starting from eras such as the 1950s to present day music selections.

Although it was an entertaining event that brought the community together around the Spring of each year and awarded a graduating Trenton High senior with a scholarship, it was sadly canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

“The show was designed to engage the community and students. Student responses were so great that they loved working with each other,” said Bell. “They said things like ‘We would have never met these people if we didn’t come together!’ and ‘we got to learn new music’.”

Working from home due to the school closure and pandemic, Bell scrolling through the internet was led to purchase a Black Lives Matter lawn sign. This led her to yet another idea: a fundraiser in which lawn signs that come in the form or logo of a slogan such as “Love Needs Love,” or “Vote” in honor of political leader and civil rights activist John Lewis, for people to buy and use. The signs are then sold to support students furthering a collegiate education and engage the community as our present society is changing.

“Everyone that buys a ticket for the show or buys a yard sign are investING in a young man or young woman’s life.”

As the annual lip-sync show Saturday Night With The Stars is held at the New Jersey State Museum which holds approximately 280 seats, Bell is optimistic about selling tickets out for this remarkable initiative to take the next showing to the war memorial which holds approximately 1800 seats!

“That is my goal; that everybody pitches in so that we can do this,” says Bell. “It is a good cause and a different cause and I am always looking for people to join the cast as well!”

For any questions about getting involved in the show or about purchasing a lawn sign email or visit @Saturday Night With The Stars on all social media platforms (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram).

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