Want to taste a little bit of Spain? Don’t worry, air travel isn’t necessary! Here, within our local community, Malaga is an authentic Spanish restaurant located on Lalor Street.

Named after the port city in Spain, Malaga prides itself in “capturing the taste of Spain with its authentic traditional cuisine.” It is an an authentic Spanish restaurant that is family owned and operated since 1990. Angela Rodriguez, one of the owners stated that the restaurant was established with her siblings in the Trenton community, because they wanted to follow the footsteps of their grandparents who frequently prepared traditional meals back in Spain. They saw the location near the city of Trenton as an opportunity for growth in their business.    

The Spanish restaurant is a cultural experience, one that you can’t miss out on! Typical dishes consist of classics, like paella, and mariscadas. But the restaurant also offers vegetarian and kid-friendly options. Traditional dishes mostly consist of seafood, or a combination of seafood medley due to the authentic taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The paella is the Spanish restaurant’s most well-known dish. It consists of a mix of seafood medley and chicken on a beautiful bed of saffron rice. However, if seafood is not your desire, Malaga also offers a selection of authentic dishes, such as pollo al ajillo (chicken in garlic sauce), or solomillo a la Sevillana (filet mignon prepared in brandy and mushroom sauce).

According to the Malaga website, “The cuisine at Malaga Spanish restaurant is inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean, Iberian Peninsula, Spain, and Portugal.” Malaga is able to capture the authentic taste of Spanish food and stay true to the traditional cuisine due to the experience and talent of its chefs. The website states, “Our chefs are very innovative and use a lot of wine, olive oil, and seafood to prepare these dishes.” Angela Rodriguez believes that every guest is like family, and prepares the food as such. Her belief in family is strong in the restaurant and seeps through to her guest and local community. You can see Rodriguez’s importance of family value in the manner she interacts with her guests.

Malaga is also very well-known for its extensive wine selection and homemade sangria. The wine selection is imported from Italy, France, and Spain, including classics like Marques De Riscal Rueda and Campo Vieja, Crianza. If amazing food and exotic wine isn’t enough to pique your interest, Malaga offers flamenco performances every month. So, come visit this charming restaurant in Trenton for a taste of Spain – and for some fun!

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