Mayor Reed Gusciora praised local business owners for taking advantage of economic growth funding provided by the federal government. Several Trenton businesses have qualified for $1 million in federal economic development funds dedicated for the expansion of existing businesses and the creation of new jobs.

Last week, Trenton City Council voted unanimously on a resolution enabling project funding, which is expected to create a minimum of 30 new jobs in Trenton. All jobs will be offered to low- or moderate-income individuals.

“We asked our business owners to step up the plate and they have. This is how we capitalize on outside funding opportunities. We are making every effort to foster a Trenton-first, business-friendly approach to economic development,” said Mayor Gusciora. “These are all local businesses that have a history of hiring Trentonians. I’m proud to enable this growth and I thank the City Council for uniting on this. We can all grow together when we work together,and this proves it.”

“City Beef is bursting at the seams and with this grant we will be able to enhance our services, expand our product offerings, fill manufacturing jobs, and improve the aesthetics of our facility,” said James Nelson, President of City Beef. “Many thanks to the Mayor, City Council, and the Division of Economic Development for their leadership in securing federal funding in support our expansion plans.”

“Clean Texis dedicated to the communities where its plants are located and pleased that with the help of the Federal Economic Development Assistance, it can not only remain, but also grow and thrive within Trenton,” said Jacob Zahler, CEO of CleanTex. “The City of Trenton has proven to be a strategic location in terms of both logistics and hiring appropriately-skilled workers.”

This initiative was created in accordance with the Trenton 250 Master Plan’s focus on job creation for Trentonians and helping businesses expand in order to increase the ratable base. Among the qualifying projects are:

  • Renovation of 219 East Hannover to create space utilized by artists and entrepreneurs (adding two full-time employees)
  • Expansion of City Beef’s facility to meet demand (adding 11 full-time employees)
  • Purchase of a clean slide rail system at CleanTex that will allow for more efficient service and more customers (adding 11 full-time employees)
  • Expansion of the 1911 Smokehouse BBQ kitchen, enclosing the outdoor dining space, and adding additional roof top dining space (adding five full-time employees)
  • Purchase of a CNC turning machine with live tooling for TekTite Industries that will allow them to produce completed parts in-house that are currently outsourced (adding one full-time employee and one part-time employee)

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