While the COVID-19 pandemic will prevent Mercer County Community College from hosting its annual in-person September 11 Remembrance Ceremony, the college has made plans to unite the local community around a video presentation this morning.

According to MCCC President Dr. Jianping Wang, the video is the college’s way of stressing the importance of keeping the memory of the victims alive.

“The Mercer County Community was forever changed on September 11,” said Wang. Nearly 30 county residents perished in the attacks, all of whom are now memorialized at a monument at Mercer County Park. The county’s September 11 Memorial at Mercer County Park, near the Marina, was designed to be a special place where people can go for solace 365 days a year.

Additionally, MCCC is using the video as part of a larger campaign to urge locals to support the people and organizations that risk their lives during times of tragedy.

“We invite you to support those who continue to protect our community through acts of service,” Wang said. She noted that reaching out to emergency personnel to assist with community cleanup or providing food or baked goods to local institutions works to preserve the spirit of unity 19 years after the attacks.

“Right now, our motto is ‘We are here to help.’ That extends beyond our commitment to providing an excellent education to our community,” Wang said. “Whether that means providing COVID-19 support, resources to fight unemployment, or saluting our emergency personnel, MCCC is always here to help.”

To view the MCCC Sept. 11 Memorial video this morning, visit the college’s YouTube page. A letter from MCCC’s president can be found at https://mccc.edu/pr/General/2020/911_letter.html.

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