Millhill Child and Family Development recently celebrated Read Across America with local foundation partners from Happy Smiles, a Vitale Inspection Foundation during Milllhill’s Day of Caring activity. Over 100 youth from Millhill’s Early Education program excitedly listened to Dr. Seuss read books across all 7 classrooms. Students were engaged and thrilled to have such a special guest during this fun and uplifting week!

“A Day of Caring at Millhill provides corporate, foundation, or local community partners the unique opportunity to spend quality time with children enrolled in Millhill’s Early Education Program,” said Jigna Rao Millhill CEO. “Sincere thanks to the board members of Happy Smiles for making time to engage with our children and to partner with Millhill on our efforts to serve the Trenton community.” Day of caring is held throughout the year and is designed to help impact children’s future while strengthening relationships within the Trenton community.

Groups interested in A Day of Caring can participate in curriculums planned by Millhill teachers or develop activities to engage and inspire youth. By volunteering, you become a part of the Millhill family and their mission to impact positive change across this community. Come join Millhill by scheduling A Day of Caring with your group! Contact Angie McManimon for more details;

Millhill Child and Family Development CEO Jigna Rao, Chief Program Officer, Tamara Noizy, Director of Development, Angie McManimon, Director of Human Resources, Judy Moncrief, Associate Director of Youth Engagement, MIcayla Weissburg and Early Education Program Pre-K Teachers, Teacher assistants and students. Alongside Millhill staff are board members from Happy Smiles Foundation of Robbinsville, NJ CEO Vitale Inspections, Carlo Vitale, CEO Borges Electric, Alex Borges and Director Vitale+, Justin Girard.

About Millhill Child & Family Development

Millhill Child & Family Development was established in 1971 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving abused and neglected children in Trenton, NJ. The services and programs provided today have been developed over time and with a great understanding of what the community needs. At Millhill, we envision a thriving community where everyone has access to limitless possibilities. Visit or follow on social media to learn more.

About Happy Smiles Foundation

Happy Smiles Inc. is a 501 C 3 organization that primarily started for the simple reason to help anyone coping with life and the hard times that we are dealing with. We tag ourselves as the “the new era in kindness” because too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Simple little things count. We donate to different organizations every month, not only monetarily, but through the actions of helping with whatever they may need that month and our team is on the lookout every day to help in all the little ways. Follow their journey on their socials @happysmilesinc or visit to support.

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