Back on the Road for Less is the first recipient of the City of Trenton’s Building Improvement Grant program, which seeks to provide incentives for prospective businesses to locate in Trenton and for existing businesses to expand.  The desired outcomes are to create jobs for Trentonians and increase ratables for Trenton by improving the value of buildings.

Back on the Road for Less is a mobile automotive repair business, which means they will come to you and either fix your car where it is parked (if possible) or, if not, bring the car back to their garage. 

In part because of the City of Trenton Business Improvement Grant, Back on the Road for Less made improvements that included installing lift posts and replacing an oil heater with a natural gas heater, making them more cost effective and able to handle more customers.  With this increased capacity, Back on the Road for Less plans to hire three more full time employees and three more part time employees, primarily from Trenton. 

Zachary McMullen, the owner of Back on the Road for Less, chose Trenton for the location of his business Back on the Road for Less because it has such a diverse community and a perfect fit for his company.  “As a business owner, I wanted to be in a community where when people saw our energy and affordable quality of work that they would come. I am more than happy to report that I have been received with open arms.”

Mayor Reed Gusciora is dedicated to assisting Trenton businesses.  “When Trenton businesses succeed,” he said, “We all succeed.  We are proud to offer many programs to help our businesses—including this grant, our Shop Trenton program, changes to the City code on things like sidewalk dining and brunch hours, improving the parking situation and more.”

“The Division of Economic Development is excited that Trenton businesses are taking advantage of this grant to expand and hire more Trentonians,” says City Economic Development Specialist Eric Maywar.  “Look out for more Trenton business success stories soon—several other businesses have been approved and are currently doing the work they need to do to expand.”

To learn more about Back on the Road for Less, visit  To learn more about this and other resources available to Trenton businesses or the businesses who want to locate in Trenton, contact Eric Maywar at

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