A new art exhibit “Trenton Art Puzzle” featuring the work of nearly 200 individuals opens October 5, 2018 in the BSB Gallery located at 143 East State.  It is a bold statement of the quality and quantity of art that is being created in our State Capital and the reason so many young artists are moving to Trenton.  The opening will also provide an artist’s talk featuring curators of the exhibit, local artists Aylin Green and Bruce Lindsay. The unique exhibit will be on display from October 5th to October 26th. BSB Gallery is open Thursdays through Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Capital City’s Place as an Arts Destination

The Trenton Art Puzzle was developed to engage Old Trenton Neighborhood residents in an art-making activity while also developing their awareness for the iconic shape of the city of Trenton. In several paint sessions offered throughout the neighborhood to people of all ages and backgrounds, the artists provided blank puzzle pieces cut out in the shape of the city. All participants were encouraged to paint their experiences, their hopes for their community, representations of neighborhood landmarks, symbols of their cultural identity, or simply beautiful abstract expressions.

“As members of the Trenton artist community, we believe that art is a powerful tool to facilitate dialogue and catalyze positive change. We are thankful for all our community partners for their participation and support of this project including the I Am Trenton Foundation, Isles, Inc., Trenton Downtown Association, Mercer County Community College, The Trenton Community A-Team, The Orchid House, and the Minority Concerns Committee of Mercer County,”  commented Aylin Green and Bruce Lindsay.

The exhibition of these painted puzzle pieces provides an outlet for the thought and work of each of these community members. It provides the opportunity to come together and be seen as the total sum of their efforts together. During the exhibition of the puzzles, the interior and exterior elements can be mixed in an ongoing evolution. Like a jigsaw puzzle, each individual piece is unique, and together they make up something extraordinary.

“It is exciting to host Trenton Art Puzzle! This unique exhibit is a homegrown reflection of the buzz generated by the continuous exhibitions that highlight the extraordinary work being created in Trenton.  The Trenton Downtown Association opened the BSB Gallery to support the Creek to Canal Creative District and provide a platform to showcase all the amazing Trenton artists,” stated Tom Gilmour, Executive Director of the Trenton Downtown Association

The Trenton Downtown Association is a special improvement district that manages the BSB Gallery and is engaged with so many other organizations in repositioning the city for revival. The new gallery is supported by grant funding generously provided by the George H. and Estelle M. Sands Foundation and Isles, Inc.  BSB Gallery will be open to showcase Trenton Art Puzzle Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. from October 5th until October 26th, 2018.  For updates:  www.BSBGALLERY.com, facebook/bsbgallery or bsbgallery@trenton-downtown.com.

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