A summer internship at the legislature is an invaluable opportunity for any student interested in working in politics. Seeing firsthand how Garden State is run is as inspirational as educational. The NJ Legislative Black Caucus Foundation (NJLBCF) is seeking interns for their 9-week paid summer program. Throughout this paid internship, selected students will gain hands-on experience in navigating the functions of how the Assembly/Senate bill becomes law. In addition, applicants should be interested in researching policies that impact marginalized communities.

To apply, students must be eligible to work in the US, be a resident of New Jersey, maintain a GPA of at least 3.0, and be enrolled as rising juniors or seniors in either an NJ College/University or an HBCU. Students must also be available throughout the internship, beginning on June 6th and concluding on August 4th. Preferred majors include Social Sciences/Liberal Arts, Public Administration/Service, Political Science, Law, Government, Business Administration, and Finance, although all areas of study are encouraged to apply. If you’re ready to get started, the application is available here: Apply – NJLBCF. If you plan on using it, please note that all submissions must be received by the NJLBCF by May 5th, 2023, to be considered.

As an intern, students will be able to engage in several fascinating seminars. For example, during one of the previous seminars, students can connect with and receive career advice from former program officials and government representatives. Previous cohorts have also had the opportunity to meet Governor Phil Murphy and members of his staff. By providing these invaluable connections and conversations, the NJLBCF ultimately seeks to increase the pool of Black leaders in public service careers and public policy positions.

In addition to these seminars, interns will participate weekly discussions with Jessica Dufort and Tyhesia Dawson, internship coordinators for the program. During these sessions, the coordinators ensure that program objectives are met, monitor any concerns, and hold weekly discussions with the students. As recent graduates themselves, the two shared their goals and experiences, provided “near-peer” insights, and helped the interns plan their paths for the future.

The New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus Foundation fiercely advocates for issues impacting the Black community. The NJLBCF tirelessly organizes research and promotion of public policy, which can positively impact the jurisdiction they serve. In addition to their legislative service, the NJLBCF brings tremendous value to their constituency through scholarship and internship opportunities, community educational and recreational opportunities, seminars to educate the public on policy efforts, and more. If you’d like to read more about what NJLBCF is up to, you can check out their website here: Home – NJLBCF.

This internship is an incredible opportunity to gain access to our state’s legislative body and be a part of forming some of the state’s most critical policy priorities. If you have any questions before submitting your application, please get in touch with the NJLBCF at info@njlbcf.org for additional details. Your future run for office starts now, so be sure to apply today!

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