As one of the nation’s most storied states, New Jersey is brimming with oddities and abandoned sites new and old. If you’ve ever driven past one of these spots, you’re likely to be left wondering what these places may have been in their previous life. Thanks to fearless adventurers like Alex Gulino, however, you may finally have an answer to those age-old questions.

On Wednesday, April 19th, the New Jersey State Library will be hosting a virtual author talk with writer and photographer Alex Gulino. Over the course of the afternoon, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about some of the region’s most fascinating abandoned properties. This seminar will be held virtually on Zoom, beginning at 12pm. If you wish to be a part of this engaging event, registration is available here: Register – NJSL.

Behind every abandoned property is a story explaining how it ended up in this condition. However, due to various constraints and lack of accessibility, these abandoned spots often remain a mystery to the average passer-byer. To help fill the gaps of these puzzling properties, individuals like Alex Gulino have devoted their careers to enlightening the curious public on how these conditions came to be.

Since 2016, Alex Gulino has been exploring abandoned properties, documenting and sharing these findings with a captivated audience. Some of the many riveting spots Gulino has had the chance to explore include Gothic churches, forgotten aircrafts, vacant hotels, and more. Her love for photography first emerged when she was a teenager, when her father gave her a camera. In her earliest pursuits, she entered and won a photo contest with a local newspaper, serving as a catalyst for her future photographic endeavors.

While in college, Gulino was studying Theater Arts, but that didn’t mean her time behind the camera was over. During her studies, Gulino spent a great deal of time traveling throughout the United States. During her travels, she encountered an abundance of captivating spots that just needed to be captured. Since then, Gulino has devoted her time to traveling throughout the Garden State and beyond to photograph and document these pieces of our country’s history. Her photography, alongside her written work, provides an invaluable resource to anyone looking for a peak behind the curtain of the country’s most enthralling deserted destinations.

This event is hosted by the New Jersey State Library, who offer a number of fascinating educational programs each month. These seminars, which are typically entirely free to participate in, cover a wide variety of topics including finances, history, literature, and more. These events are open to everyone, inviting learners of all ages and walks of life to be a part of the fun. In addition to being a wonderful learning opportunity, these events also give the community the chance to connect with acclaimed authors, artists, and more. If you’d like to check out their calendar of events, you can visit their website here: NJSL – Events.

The upcoming conversation with Alex Gulino offers a rare glimpse at some of the Garden State’s most impressive decaying destinations. Any questions prior to attending the event may be directed to the NJSL at 609-278-2640 or for additional details. It isn’t every day you’re given the chance to explore from the comfort of your own home, so be sure to register today!

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