When it comes to getting to know who we are, there’s few better places to start than on the branches of our family tree. As we take a look back and explore the generations, we are offered a greater understanding of who are ancestors were, from where they hailed, and how their lives led up to where you are today. If you’ve yet to dive deep into the world of genealogy, it can be an intimidating endeavor. With so many resources now available to researchers, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. However, with a bit of patience and some guidance from the experts, you too will be a master of genealogy in no time.

On Wednesday, January 10th, you are invited to join the New Jersey State Library for their very first webinar of 2024, “Electronic Resources for Genealogy”. This virtual event will be held from 12pm to 1pm on Zoom. For those planning on attending, please be certain to register in advanced by submitting the following form: Zoom – Register. This compelling conversation will be hosted by Regina Fitzpatrick, the Genealogy Librarian for the NJSL. If you are planning on attending, please do be aware that they will not be demoing personal research requests at the time of the talk.

If you aren’t certain where to get started, not to worry – you can start from anywhere! With a wealth of genealogical information available online, you can access key information from anywhere in the world. Throughout the afternoon, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about these online resources and how they can be leveraged for personal research. The resources covered in this upcoming webinar are as follows:

  • HeritageQuest is a family history research database that any New Jersey resident can access from home with their local public library card through JerseyClicks.
  • FamilySearch.org is a free website accessible from home with tons of digital collections and research information.
  • The New Jersey State Archives has a series of searchable online indexes and records databases that are freely accessible from home.
  • Ancestry Library Edition is generally the most well known electronic resource for genealogy, but many users are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Your host for the afternoon, the New Jersey State Library, is a wealth of knowledge for residents all throughout the Garden State. Whether you’re trying to connect with your past through genealogical research or exploring the fascinating fields of history, science, and more, the New Jersey State Library is here to offer you a closer look at some of the most fascinating topics the world has to offer. From fun and free webinars led by subject matter experts to a whole host of resources available to patrons, visitors of the NJSL can look forward to a vast array of knowledge to explore. For more information about this and other upcoming events at the New Jersey State Library, please visit their website, available here:

Guests with any questions can contact the New Jersey State Library at (609) 278-2640 for further assistance. The limbs of your family tree are waiting to be explored, so be sure to enroll now for a day of discovery!

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