NJTL of Trenton (NJTLT), a non-profit organization for under resourced children to elevate and succeed, will be celebrating its 27th Annual Gala on Sunday, September 26, 2021, at the Boathouse at Mercer Lake. The Founder and Managing Director of Borden Perlman, Jeffrey Perlman, who is also a long-time supporter of the organization, will be the honoree for the night.

The World Champion Bryan Brothers, the only doubles team to win all four Grand Slams, all nine Masters 1000s, the ATP Finals and the Olympics, will join in this celebration as special guests, beginning with a Tennis Clinic and Exhibition at 2:30 p.m. at the Mercer County Tennis Center. 

NJTL of Trenton
NJTL of Trenton’s 27th Annual Gala

With innovative tennis, education and mentoring programs, NJTLT programming offers both academic and athletic opportunities to children in preschool through Pre-School Academic Creative Engagement (PACE), students in elementary and junior high school with ACE, and those in high school with ASHE and ASHE ELITE curricula. While the scope and breadth are unique with a few thousand young people served each year, the organization aims to increase the number of youngsters who stay in the program for over four years.  

The longer a youngster stays in the program, the more meaningful NJTLT’s impact becomes. To achieve this goal, NJTLT will reimagine the ASHE program by enhancing tennis instruction to better serve all skill levels through an expanded coaching staff and revising the tiering in ASHE to create clear intermediary goals for advancement.

To better guide youngsters through these new tiers, each youngster will receive an individualized plan of instruction tailored to their abilities and ambitions. Additionally, NJTLT will make substantial changes to the educational and mentoring components of ASHE by developing a coordinated set of programs aimed at preparing ASHE student athletes for college admission. In order to increase retention and expand the population of eligible ASHE students, NJTLT plans on expanding the ACE and Outreach pipelines by creating additional points of potential entry into ASHE.   

This event is very important not only because of the honoree and the special guest, but because this will be the first event after many were canceled last year due to the pandemic.  While all program initiatives were creatively adapted to keep everyone healthy, NJTLT has relied on very limited resources to offer both academic and athletic opportunities to children in preschool through high school. 

Active in local non-profits and on the tennis courts, Andrew Lieu and Amy Decker are stepping up to serve as Co-Chairs of the Gala. Long-standing supporters Albert Stark and Ginny Mason are returning as Honorary Co-Chairs. The success of this event will help NJTLT continue to create opportunities for success through innovative tennis, education and mentoring programs designed to prepare student athletes for college admission and career placement.  

Sponsorships – including VIP Tickets – are now available at https://www.njtloftrenton.org/gala. A limited number of individual tickets at $300 per person will be available beginning August 1 until sold out.  

Honoree Jeff Perlman exemplifies the kind of mentorship and support that make a difference in kids’ lives both on and of the courts. Thanks to supporters like him and Borden Perlman, kids have the opportunity through NJTL of Trenton to thrive in the classroom, on the courts and beyond.  

Bob Loonie, NJTLT Executive Director, said the organization is excited beyond measure that Bob and Mike Bryan have accepted the invitation to join the celebration of NJTLT’s success in continually running programs throughout the pandemic. As World Champions, they understand the power of dedication, teamwork and perseverance.  

For more information, please visit www.njtloftrenton.org/gala

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