When looking back at our nation’s history, representation is paramount. Growing up, many of us were taught a version of American history that did not represent the rich depth of cultures, communities, and lived experiences that have existed in this nation from its very inception. When we remove the lenses of oppression from our perspective of history, we are left with a fuller, more accurate portrayal of how this nation came to be. In honor of Black History Month and the valiant African American soldiers who served at the time of the Revolutionary War and beyond, you are invited to join the Old Barracks for their latest living history program, “Four Centuries of African American Soldiers”.

This fascinating and free family friendly event will be held on Saturday, February 24th (10am to 4pm) through Sunday, February 25th (12pm to 4pm). The event will take place at the Old Barracks campus in Downtown Trenton, located at 101 Barrack Street
​Trenton, NJ 08608. For those planning on driving to the event, a limited amount of parking is available in Lot 5A across from the Patriots Theater at the War Memorial. Guests can also park at the Capitol Complex Parking Garage, on the street, or at a number of garages scattered throughout the city.

“Four Centuries of African American Soldiers” is a moving retrospective regarding the brave Black soldiers who have valiantly fought for our nation’s freedom. From America’s first days to World War II and beyond, African American infantrymen have always played a crucial role in the nation’s eventual victory. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with a number of historic re-enactors and living historians, who will be sharing a number of different facts and tales regarding the history of African American soldiers in the United States. Represented regiments will include The Harlem Hellfighters of WWI, the 6th Regiment USCT of the Civil War, the 369th Regiment portrayed by Ebony Doughboys, and others. This engaging and informative event is certain to be a treat for the whole family, and guests of all ages are welcome to be a part of this engaging afternoon of historic proportions.

At the Old Barracks, Trenton’s rich history comes to live. From the living quarters of real life Revolutionary soldiers to the living history actors bringing this rich tales to life, the Old Barracks offers guests of all ages the opportunity to see what Trenton was like during this pivotal time in American history. The Old Barracks tells a diverse story of Trenton, with a particular emphasis on the lived experiences of those alive at the time of the Revolutionary War. Whether you want to walk in the footsteps of Continental Soldiers or sit in on a fascinating lecture from some of the region’s most learned scholars, there is never a shortage of historic happenings for every member of the family. For more information on this and other upcoming events at the Barracks, please check out their website, linked here: Old Barracks – Home.

For any questions or for more details regarding this upcoming event, please contact the Old Barracks team at info@barracks.org or (609) 396-1776 for further details. This one of a kind educational experience is certain to be a memorable afternoon for the whole family, so be sure to mark your calendars today.

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