Join The Empowerment House this Saturday for the third annual Partying Sober Charity Event in Mill Hill Park. The day will be filled with fun games, resources, and advice on sober living. 

Juan Rolon, who serves as President of the Empowerment House, is a drug and alcohol counselor. He started this event to provide a sanctuary and fun for those fighting addiction. 

 “Leisure is a big part of recovery. Once you leave the drugs alone, you have to figure out how to replace that time, reintroducing or introducing life back to the individual, knowing that it is possible to live without the drugs and alcohol. It’s a beautiful thing.” 

The Empowerment house helps by developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle for lower socio-economic residents in the Mercer County Area who are at risk of the ongoing drug crisis. Rolon is looking raise awareness of the fight that is happening in Trenton. 

“Get some awareness to the people in recovery, who are day in and day out, fighting the fight of not returning to addiction—also being able to pay homage to those on the front line fighting the monster we call an addiction,” Rolon said. 

The Partying Sober event falls in the middle of the National Recovery Mouth, with September 13 being National Opioid and Substance Awareness Day. 

In Mercer County, there were 3771, Substance Abuse Admissions reported to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services by substance abuse treatment providers. With 2,130 of those admissions coming from Trenton, 56% of the overall residency, according to the 2021 study. 

Together The Empowerment House teamed up with Vincent Bridgett Sr, Executive Director for Trenton United Family Foundation, to put on a party that shows life without drugs and alcohol. Bridgett explained that they would have resources available and speakers come out to talk about their battle against addiction. “Our main goal is that you can party sober and enjoy yourself and have a good time,” Bridgett said. 

“Also, bring the community together for events like this. And our purpose is to keep promoting all these things with different organizations,” Alexander Vazquez, Vice President of the empowerment house, adds. “That’s how we linked up together to start this with Vincent doing things throughout the city with the youth, … It starts with the youth as with the adults; we know we can work together. Put the word out. Why not? So that’s why we’re so engaged in this because we see the purpose of it.” 

Rolon emphasizes that this isn’t just for recovering addicts but those in the community who wish to have a good time without alcohol or drugs. 

“Some people may look at that party and, go well, I’m not an addict, but we are trying to pull these people out of that addiction and bring them to a world of productivity in a healthy lifestyle,” Rolon said. To do that, the community needs to come and show support. “You guys will play an important part in this event because you’re modeling what we’re trying to encourage.”

The Third Annual Partying Sober Charity Event will happen on September 10, 12-5 at Mill Hill Park between East Front Street and S. Broad St; the Rain Date will be on September 17, 2022.

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