The Patriots Arts Coalition, a registered New Jersey non-profit dedicated to hosting events that will be highlights of your year, announced the launch of an epic musical event coming to the Capital City. The event, Pioneer Songs, will debut on Saturday, November 10th at 7:30 p.m. on the grand stage of War Memorial’s Patriots Theater in Trenton.

“I want to bring live performance art to Patriots Theater that makes the audience feel like they do when they see powerful movies like Titanic.  I want them to feel transported into the situation, wondering what they would have done.  And feel the same deeply relatable human emotions as the characters throughout the show.  Pioneer Songs does exactly that,” said James Bushong, Director of The Patriots Arts Coalition.

Pioneer Songs will transport you back in time to 1841, as you travel along on a journey with the first American Pioneers heading from here to California. Five soloists, including international star soprano Carla Maffioletti, will lead you on this perilous adventure across America in this epic 15-song musical event.

“Carla is one of the finest sopranos in the world,” added Bushong. “She had a stellar career with the famous conductor André Rieu, delighting millions of people all over the world.  Rieu sold over 30 million DVD/CDs of their many concerts and recordings together.  So this is truly an amazing opportunity to witness a superstar perform.  The Composer (Westminster Faculty Eric Houghton) wrote in multiple special notes for her- very high notes that soar divinely above the symphony.  Only a few singers in the world could pull them off in a pure and magical way, and Carla is one of those few.”

“Eric wrote so many delightful melodies into the entire score, and the lyrics (that his pupil Robert Marquis wrote) are so touching,” said Bushong. “Wait till you see Conductor Ruth Ochs command the full symphonic orchestra, the gifted soloists, and blockbuster 100-person choir.” According to Bushong, Ruth has the perfect blend of passion and precision to bring the music alive. “It is truly a community musical event with performers from the Westminster Community Orchestra and Chorus joining with the Ewing-based Glassbrook Vocal Ensemble.”

“The production will be completely relatable to today,” noted Bushong. “Each time we begin a new life adventure, we face the same emotions as the American Pioneers – the hopes and anticipation, the fears and hardships along the way, the perseverance and triumphs as we strive to reach our destiny. Pioneer Songs will bring all of these emotions to life- as they were back in 1841 and equally in today’s World.”

The Patriots Arts Coalition formed to bring purposeful performance art to Trenton and surrounding communities. They focus on performance art that brings out deeply relatable human emotions, and programs tailored to meet a wide variety of interests and fulfilling purposes. The Coalition also seeks to create opportunities for youth development, multi-cultural performance art, and opportunities for the marginalized to become inspired, included, and empowered at live artistic events.

The flagship center for hosting events – Patriots Theater at the War Memorial – is perfectly suited for a variety of performing arts; from music to dance, plays, opera, and cinema. Fabulous acoustics complement the romantic and exquisite interior, providing an ideal atmosphere for memories that last a lifetime. Why travel to New York City if you can see wonderful art and emotionally moving events close to home in this opulent theater? For more information, visit

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