If you’re ready to feel the rhythm, you won’t want to miss this culturally connective series of courses coming to the Capital City.

Throughout May, SoHype Productions and the African American Cultural Collaborative of Mercer County (TAACC) will host African drum and dance classes for the whole family. The courses, sponsored by Tenefig Dioubate, will be held at the Village Charter School at 101 Sullivan Way, Trenton, NJ 08618. Guests will have a chance to learn the ins and outs of African drums and traditional African dance. Admission is $12 for the drum classes and $20 for dance.

Sessions will be held on the following dates:

  • ‍May 13th
  • May 20th
  • June 3rd
  • June 10th

Drum classes will be held from 2:15 pm to 3:30 pm, and dance classes will be held from 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm.

These courses are as much an opportunity to get creative as a chance to connect with a vibrant and beautiful culture. African dance is a mosaic of sub-Saharan cultures’ traditional rhythms and music. Beyond a performance style, these dances hold significant spiritual and cultural relevance to the individuals performing them. For many, African dance has deep religious ties – these dances reflect the interactions between spiritual forces and the community, and gestures are often an invitation to the divine. Likewise, dance can celebrate tradition, define roles in a community, and connect the generations through a shared love for the practice.

Meanwhile, African drums hold a profound cultural significance of their own. African drums are genuinely a historical art, with many records reflecting that musical instruments were first invented by African tribes in the form of drums. Much like African dance, African drums can be utilized for various purposes, including religious rituals, performances, and cultural celebrations. Over the centuries, drums have also been used to signal and communicate with others. Some of the most famous types of African drums include the Djembe and the Talking drum. Music is the fabric of so many of our lives, and we all have the drums to thank for this profound form of expression.

This event is held with the African American Cultural Collaborative of Mercer County, which is integral in bringing cultural events and educational opportunities to the community. The Collaborative seeks to improve the quality of life in the community through arts, education, and culture. These efforts empower diverse families to come together in a positive, safe environment to build communities through collaboration across cultures. If you’d like to read more about TAACC’s efforts, including the upcoming Juneteenth Weekend Celebration, please visit their website here: Home – TAACC.

A beautiful afternoon of movement and education awaits you, so do not miss your chance to participate in this connective and empowering event.

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