Last month, The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey announced a partnership with Famulus Health to provide chamber members with a customized prescription drugs savings solution, including a cash price card, digital app and drug search website. The AACCNJ-branded solution ensures low prices on medications at any pharmacy, regardless of insurance coverage.

For many drugs, cash pricing networks unlock prices far below insurance plans. Famulus specifically tailored AACCNJ’s cash price network for the best possible pricing on medications for health conditions that disproportionately affect African American people, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

AACCNJ is offering a prescription savings solution to its members and their employees as a perk of belonging to the chamber and a service to the community. One in three Americans, and almost half of African Americans over 50, say they have not filled prescriptions they needed because of cost.

“Promoting preventive care is a critical initiative of our chamber,” says John E. Harmon Sr., IOM, founder, president and CEO of AACCNJ. “By ensuring constituents and community members can affordably access medications that are central to maintaining their health, we are upholding our commitment to making life better for our members and the community as a whole.”

“Prices at the pharmacy are rising every single day — it’s relentless,” says Mike Szwajkos, Founder and CEO of Famulus Health, which helps organizations leverage cash pricing and pharmacy benefit data to lower healthcare costs. “We’ve engineered this comprehensive savings solution to dramatically lower the price of medications for the communities the chamber serves — saving thousands of dollars a year for some prescriptions.”

The AACCNJ cash price card can be used at any pharmacy, including those that are out of network for a member’s health plan. “Trenton and Newark thrive off public transportation,” says Harmon. “This cash price solution gives both money and time back to our members by enabling them to use the most convenient pharmacy without having to worry about it being in network.”

There are large universities and churches that are members of the AACCNJ which can provide the cash card at no cost to their students and congregations. Self-insured businesses that are part of the chamber will also lower their healthcare costs by reducing the number of claims.

Famulus also provides the AACCNJ with anonymized data about the use of the card to help the chamber better understand and measure the healthcare needs of its constituents.

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