Project M.O.V.E. will host a community paint day featuring four crosswalks throughout four wards of the city displaying images of hope, love, inspiration, and motivation sketched and created by local talented artists and community volunteers. This event is scheduled to take place Saturday, September 5th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Talented artists throughout the city of Trenton will be present at four different locations. Artist Leticia Acevedo will be located at Lawrence & Dickinson Streets, Leon Rainbow at Centre & Landing Streets, Bentrice Jusu at Stuyvesant & Hoffman Avenues and Alberto Lugo at Cleveland & Walnut Avenues; all working together to bring one project and message to life.

With the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and people of color at the hands of law enforcement, many individuals have been affected by the tragedies including North Ward District 5 Committeewoman Crystal Feliciano. With a goal to bring a form of unity and solidarity, Feliciano began to wonder what she could do to make that happen, which then led her to come up with a project M.O.V.E. which stands for Making Our Visions Evident following behind it.

In collaboration with Jonette Smart, President of the Trenton Chapter of the NAACP, the collective started to plan later organizing a cultivating community paint day.

“I am grateful to every person that serves on the committee that’s helping to make this possible as well as the Mayor, his Administration, Kelly Ingram, and the Trenton Police Department, for the positive feedback and assistance when presented with this idea,” says Crystal Feliciano. “I am also thankful because Lawrence Street has been repaved, handicapped accessible ramps have been installed, and crosswalks created to assist residents and visitors getting across the street safely; this will be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and the residents are really excited as well.”

“This will be a great day for everyone that wants to participate in the city and I am just so excited to see the finished results.  My prayer is that this will be one of many initiatives to help unify our city, give people a glimmer of hope and reinforce the notion that Our Trenton is worth fighting for.”

For more information, join FaceBook group Our Trenton or email Crystal Feliciano at  Everyone around the community is encouraged to volunteer, bring paint brushes, paint rollers and painting outfits to join in on the greatness!

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