On Tuesday, November 24, 2020, two days before Thanksgiving, the Mayor’s Office of Citizen’s Concerns and the City of Trenton Department of Recreation, Natural Resources & Culture, distributed around 1,200 turkeys (about 15,700 pounds) to various community groups and non-profit organizations.

At 10:30 a.m., Mayor Reed Gusciora and his team met at Sam Naples Senior Center at 611 Chestnut avenue in Trenton to start the distribution. With help from 217church and donations from many community members and organizations to the city’s Thanksgiving food drive, Trenton was able to feed nearly 100 East Trenton families this Thanksgiving.

In addition to turkey, the city was able to provide other essential Thanksgiving foods. They distributed 10,000 pounds of potatoes, 7,000 pounds of apples, 2,000 boxes of stuffing mix, 1,000 cans of cranberry sauce, 1,000 jars of gravy and 6,000 cans of corn and green beans.

The next day, on Wednesday, November 25, The City of Trenton took to Facebook to say, “We wanted to make Thanksgiving a little brighter for our families in need…Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”


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