A $5,000 grant from the Roma Bank Community Foundation will assist Greater Trenton in furthering its mission to facilitate the development and revitalization of downtown Trenton. The organization also serves as an expert resource to businesses, developers, and other community partners.

“We’re thrilled to have the support of Investors Bank through the Roma Bank Community Foundation as we continue to focus on opportunities to bridge diversity, equity and inclusion in our Capital City,” said Greater Trenton CEO George Sowa.

Sowa also noted that Greater Trenton is continuing its efforts to encourage the state to offer an incentive to a portion of its employees to live and work in downtown Trenton. “The viability of this concept was validated when we updated our original residential market study and it showed a 75 percent increase in demand and a more expedient absorption schedule,” added Sowa. “Increased residential demand will generate more retail activity, enhance safety and security, increase tax ratables, and reduce the state’s carbon footprint.”

Greater Trenton applied for the grant from the Roma Bank Community Foundation, which supports non-profit organizations that enrich the diverse communities served by Investors Bank. Roma Bank became part of Investors Bank in December 2013.

Investors Bank Chairman and CEO Kevin Cummings, one of the founding board members of Greater Trenton, recently was named Chairman of the Greater Trenton Board of Directors.

“Commitment to community is one of Investors Bank’s four core values and defines our mission and our vision,” said Cummings. “Greater Trenton’s mission to revitalize the great city of Trenton is aligned with our values, as it works in partnership with other organizations to address community needs and explore opportunities for growth and development that will ensure the city’s sustainability.”

Investors Bank District Manager Linda Martin and Assistant Vice President and Chambersburg branch manager Deneshia Rowe presented the Roma Bank Community Foundation grant check to Sowa and Greater Trenton’s Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Bryan Evans.

“Investors Bank is proud to support Greater Trenton through the Roma Bank Community Foundation. Our customers and our employees live and work in Trenton,” said Martin. “The work Greater Trenton does to ensure a strong and vital community benefits everyone and can have a lasting impact not just on business development, but on programs and opportunities that will help Trenton maintain its viability into the future.”

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