Trenton residents explored Downtown Trenton in a competition to find clues across businesses. The scavenger hunt is a part of an extensive plan to bring traffic into the businesses in the downtown area. The plan is called the Saturday project, which pulls in various associations and groups do walking tours of downtown Trenton.

Eric Maywar, Business Retention Specialist for the City Division of Economic Development said: “The meat and potatoes of the Saturday project is to bring groups down to eat lunch. It’s sort of simple…We just got up to 20 on Friday for groups that are adopting a Saturday…on top of that, sort of as a side, we said we’re going to do some street programming.”

Maywar contacted Anna Davenport, who said that the point was to provide foot traffic within the downtown area. The two put together the scavenger hunt and the rest is history.

“I was totally on board and I like the idea of promoting the businesses and letting people know not just that these businesses are here Monday through Friday, but hey, this is a Saturday. So come and explore the downtown area. You’ll see how beautiful it is on a spring afternoon. You will see that the businesses are open and available for you to come shop and enjoy Trenton,” Davenport said. 

Trenton residents and tourists alike wandered the city to win prizes from Arlees Raw Blends, BeSuited Men’s Clothing Store, 1911 Smokehouse BBQ, and Classics Books & Gifts. After finding the clues they would post a picture of themselves on Facebook using the hashtag, #ILoveDowntownTrenton.

Vance Smith, a resident in Trenton, explained that he came down to support the area. “We came down to support Warren Street, Trenton restaurants, activities on the weekend, which is necessary. It seems like there’s just beginning to be a critical mass of restaurants opening up to justify people coming in, which is great,” Smith said. “I’ve discovered that when you bring people to Trenton, they’re surprised…it’s just a matter of getting them here and allowing them to explore and see how much they’re is already,” Smith said. 

Carol Rogers, another Trenton Resident, says she enjoyed the pleasant afternoon exploring the downtown area, searching for clues that give her insight into the area. “Just enough to keep you interested. The clues are just enough to keep you thinking,” Rogers said. “I’m a fan of Trenton, and it’s nice to kind of put the word out… just have things open on the weekend.” 

Another Scavenger Hunt will happen on the second weekend of May and continue on the second weekend of the month through the spring and summer seasons.

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