Some birds are known for their feathers, while others are known for their unusual chirping. Ornithologists know that chirping is a form of communication between birds. However, the common observer would consider these chirps to have a melodious ring. Hummingbirds are known for their singing and Trentonians are singing Jamaican Hummingbirds’ praises. The Jamaican inspired restaurant is a mainstay for locals and for visitors to downtown Trenton.

This restaurant is located at 29 South Warren Street and is adorned by a bold yellow and green exterior, signifying the national colors of Jamaica. The restaurant testifies to Trenton’s cultural diversity, as Trenton is home to a sizable Jamaican population.

Upon entering the establishment, jerk chicken and plantain oils waft through the roomy air. The seating portion of the restaurant is as spacious as it is inviting. Noonday chatter typically echoes down the usually long line of customers. In other words, Hummingbird is quite popular. Many customers pre-order their lunchtime meals anticipating the overflow of customers that descend onto restaurant for lunch and for dinner.

The menu features traditional Jamaican dishes such as jerk chicken, chicken patties and oxtail coupled with soul food offerings such as macaroni and cheese, red beans and rice, and collard greens. Customers regard their chicken patties and special jerk sauce as their signature creations. Pair your meal with a homemade fresh lemonade and a side of their delicious soft cornbread. Their portion sizes are generous and will leave you satisfyingly full. Jamaican Hummingbird ensures that you get your money’s worth and they don’t let their customers down.

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