Nestled within the city, Stacy Park is a mile long path of refreshing delight. Located on Riverside Dr of Trenton, New Jersey, Stacy Park is a hidden recreational oasis perfect for visitors of all kinds.

If you’re looking for a spot outdoors to have a picnic, go bike riding, or to simply relax, look no further, Stacy Park has got you covered! The simplistic park is covered in lush greenery and is truly a scene needed to be seen.

The park’s entrance, also serves as its main area. The rounded brick plaza invites visitors to sit on the benches, enjoy the shade provided by the trees, and enjoy a view of the Delaware River. On the left side of the park’s entrance are a short set of stairs leading to a lower level of the park. which provides an extremely close view of the park’s pond.

For the discoverers or active visitors, the park has an attached trail which extends along highway Route 29. The trail, lined with an abundance of plants and grass provides views of both the highway and the Delaware River. On this trail, visitors can either walk, go for a run, or even choose to ride a bike.

Further down the trail is a bridge, equipped with a ramp, which hovers over the highway and presents an aerial view.

Past the bridge, along the trail is an open space designed to give visitors a breath taking view of the Delaware River. Boarded by a rounded, short wall of cement, which doubles as a seating area, visitors can sit with friends and watch the sunset, observe the views of the neighboring land across the river, or take a break from their run, walk, or bike ride.

Most residents are clueless of the beauty and serenity Stacy Park holds. The next time you’re in search of something to do to pass the time, visit Stacy Park, where nature’s precious greenery is a common find.

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