Two ordinances were passed to allow Trenton restaurants to better serve visitors and residents. The first ordinance authorized “Sidewalk Cafés,” (19-80) which permits and regulates outdoor dining. Restaurant-owners in the Capital City have been asking for years to have additional seating outside. The second ordinance was the “Sunday Brunch Bill,” (19-79) which allows for alcohol service to commence at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Prior to the ordinance’s creation, residents could only begin purchasing alcohol from restaurants at noon.

Mayor Reed Gusciora, who called for and designed both ordinances, stated “City Hall is always looking for ways to support businesses in Trenton. Our mission is to help them serve residents. Here, this means removing barriers that City businesses faced in meeting the needs of Trentonians.” The Mayor asserted “This administration knows that when local businesses succeed, the Capital City succeeds.”

“Local businesses serve and hire our residents, but they also help support a range of City-wide services” said Eric Maywar, a specialist within the City’s Division of Economic Development. Maywar continued by stating “when we help businesses, those businesses can serve and hire our residents.” These two ordinances are part-and-parcel of an initiative within the City of Trenton to allow restaurants to meet the needs of their consumers without having to reach out to the City.

The two ordinances, passed on Thursday, December 19th are meant to be utilized in tandem and help both residents of the City and those visiting from surrounding communities. Those who live within and outside of Trenton can spend a Sunday morning having brunch outside at a local restaurant. Additionally, these ordinances will be able to take effect in time for the Spring weather.

“While the Sidewalk Café Ordinance will help local businesses when the weather improves, the Sunday Brunch Bill will be able to immediately attract business,” claimed Amin Arias. The Latino Merchants Association, who expressed their support for the measures, represent local businesses. Arias commented “There are great restaurants and businesses within the City and these ordinances help remind everyone of that.”

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