If you’ve spent some time in Downtown Trenton over the last few months, you may have noticed the lifelike sculptures popping up throughout the community. These statues are so true to life that many community members have had to take a second glance to determine if what they just passed was a work of art or a Trenton resident! From the steps of City Hall to the bustling corners of South Warren Street, our city’s newest additions have brought residents art and amusement all summer. Now, thanks to the support of the Trenton Downtown Association, you will have a chance to learn more about the art and the artist behind the city’s latest installation.

On Friday, August 18th, you and your family are invited to Downtown Trenton for a glimpse inside the mind of world-renowned artist Seward Johnson. The talk and walking tour will start at 10 am at Warren Plaza, located at the corners of Warren and West State St. Throughout the afternoon; guests will have an opportunity to learn more about Johnson’s incredible series of work, “Celebrating the Familiar.” This series of sculptures invites viewers to celebrate the little things in life, from reading the newspaper to taking a photo or even chatting with friends. An artful capture of the human spirit, Johnson’s body of work invites viewers of all ages to marvel at the mundane and see the beauty in everyday situations.

Throughout Friday’s upcoming tour, in addition to enjoying a walking tour, guests will gain critical insights into this interactive exhibit, including the history of Trenton’s art scene; how these works of art were created; Trenton’s fascinating buildings and attractions; and Seward Johnson’s life, legacy, and artistic process.

All this and more can be expected on the tour. Whether you are a longtime fan of Mr. Johnson’s work or just now learning about this astounding artist, you will learn something new on your voyage around Downtown Trenton.

This event is hosted by the Trenton Downtown Association, an organization committed to keeping Trenton’s downtown vibrant, accessible, and thriving. Since 1986, this devoted team of stakeholders has employed innovative programming and initiatives to promote economic development in the region and make the Capital City a premier destination. The TDA offers a holistic approach to community development, offering several services, including recruitment and retention, public relations, advocacy, marketing, referrals, partnerships, growth, and job creation. With a bold vision of Trenton’s potential in mind, the TDA continues to bring immense value to our city’s busiest hub.

If you have any questions before the tour, please get in touch with the Trenton Downtown Association at info@trenton-downtown.com or (609) 337-8439 for additional details. To read more about the TDA and upcoming events in the community, please visit their website here: TDA – Home. A tour of Trenton sounds like the perfect way to kick off the weekend, so be sure to mark your calendars today!

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