For the first time ever, TIME Magazine has developed a mega-list of the 100 most influential companies in the world. The list, which “highlights 100 businesses making an extraordinary impact around the world,” includes most of the globes major business industries in the game such as Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Zoom, Facebook, Amazon,  Proctor and Gamble and Tesla. Along side these massive meccas is one of Trenton’s very own business – TerraCycle.

TerraCycle, located in the heart of the city of Trenton, offers a range of national, easy-to-use recycling platforms that allow everyone to make use of all scrap material, even the most difficult-to-recycle objects. These scraps are transformed into raw material that is then repurposed into a variety of useful products.

One main component to TerraCycle is their sustainable shopping experience, Loop, which helps gear the world away from single-use packaging. In TIME’s listing, it suggests that TerraCycle’s sustainable model, “could be the key to unlocking recycling’s full potential at scale.” 

Time solicited nominations across every sector including health care, entertainment, transportation, technology and more from its global network of editors, correspondents and industry experts.  Each company was then evaluated on key factors including relevance, impact, innovation, leadership, ambition and success.

The mega-list itself is divided into five main sections: Pioneers; Leaders; Innovators; Titans and Distributors. TerraCycle fell under the “Pioneers” section designating them a trend-setter and force to be reckoned with in the recycling industry.

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