This Week in History: Remembering Trenton’s Soldiers This Memorial Day


Memorial Day is just a few days, and individuals and organizations throughout the country are preparing to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation. Over the generations, fearless men and women have been called to serve in defense of the freedoms and values that every one of us holds dear. As a community with a long and proud history, many of these brave individuals now call the Capital City their final resting place. So join us on a tale through time as we celebrate and remember the lives and legacies of some of the region’s bravest fighters.

As a Revolutionary community, the City of Trenton has known the meaning of sacrifice since our nation’s earliest days. Trenton was central to some of the Revolutionary War’s most iconic moments, including Washington crossing the Delaware and the incredible victory over the British during the Battle of Trenton. Washington and his troops fought bravely during the Battle of Trenton, with only 5 American soldiers falling wounded during the skirmish. This battle is often regarded as the turning point of the American Revolution and played an integral role in assuring American victory over the British. Without these brave men and those who helped the soldiers along the way, it is possible we wouldn’t have a country to honor this upcoming holiday!

Regretfully, however, for as many individuals as we do remember on such occasions, many men have been historically overlooked regardless of their profound sacrifices. Due to systemic racism and bigotry, many African American soldiers have not received the same reverence and honor as their white counterparts. On Memorial Day and every day, we must respect and preserve the legacy of those who bravely fought for where we are today. This is why historic sites like the Locust Hill Cemetery protect a fuller, more accurate view of American history and life.

Locust Hill Cemetery is an invaluable historic resource in our community and a sacred space honoring the Black lives sacrificed in battle. Interred at Locust Hill Cemetery are 10 African-American Civil War soldiers. Although their precise location is unknown, and their identities are “only known to God,” their presence is a testament to their devotion to a brighter world. Suppose you are interested in honoring these men this Memorial Day. In that case, Trenton’s Kiwanis Club will be hosting a Memorial Day remembrance ceremony at Locust Hill, which you can read more about here: Locust Hill Memorial.

If you’re looking to explore some of Trenton’s other historic battle sites and honor the fallen this Memorial Day, you can explore several fascinating finds, like the Old Barracks Museum, Trenton’s Battle Monument, Mill Hill’s ‘Washington Crossing Delaware’ monument, and First Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

These and many other spots are here for your exploration and learning, so take advantage of the history at your fingertips this upcoming Memorial Day weekend.