Attention all Trentonians – a cleanup is coming to the Capital City, and you can bring it to life!

The City of Trenton recently announced a citywide cleanup to help eliminate bulky, unwanted waste from our streets. Each ward in the city has been designated a week for general cleanup, culminating in a Saturday collection day to pick up discarded items. The dates for each ward’s collection days are as follows:

  • August 5th: Cleanup of West Ward
  • August 12th: Cleanup of South Ward
  • August 19th: Cleanup of East Ward
  • August 26th: Cleanup of North Ward

On the day of the pickup, Trenton residents can leave any discarded items in the area where they would typically go their trash for collection. Please be aware that if items are left out earlier in the week, they will not be picked up until the designated pickup day. If you intend on putting out things for collection, please note that they must be left for pickup at 7 am. The collection truck will only go through each ward once, so any discarded items must be put out on time.

The City of Trenton has also provided guidelines on what can and cannot be picked up during this initiative. The items that will and will not be accepted are as follows:

  • ACCEPTED WASTE: Discarded furniture, refrigerators, and smaller articles; wood (separate clean from painted) and tree branches no more than four feet in length and tied in bundles of no more than 35lbs
  • NOT ACCEPTED: tires, bricks, concrete, and construction debris; electronic waste

If you need to recycle old computers, televisions, or other tech waste, please get in touch with the Mercer County Improvement Authority at 609-278-8086 to learn how to dispose of these items. Please also be aware that this pickup is only available for occupied homes. This cleanup does not apply to vacant houses, which must be cleaned and maintained at the owner’s expense.

“I urge all our residents to do their part in this cleanup initiative and help make our homes and streets cleaner and safer for all,” said Mayor Reed Gusciora. He added, “Additionally, please join me in extending your thanks to the many hardworking members of our Department of Public Works staff that are making this cleanup possible, especially on these hot summer days.”

While getting bulky, inconvenient waste out of the way is a benefit in and of itself; these cleanups offer far more to our community than what meets the eye. When our streets are clean and well-maintained, it facilitates a sense of pride in the residents of that community. When we do our part to help beautify our neighborhoods, we can help create a better Trenton for every resident.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this initiative, please get in touch with the Department of Public Works at (609) 989-3151 for further details. Don’t forget to mark your calendars because Trenton is cleaning up its streets one ward at a time!

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