Coinciding with Governor Murphy’s current three-pronged approach to address inequity for New Jersey’s youth in regard to internet and technology, Trenton Children’s Chorus (TCC) is prioritizing bridging the educational gap for its members by offering a wealth of digital, technological, and musical resources at a significantly reduced price. These endeavors have been honored with local and statewide grant programs – including the New Jersey Arts and Culture Recovery Fund (NJACRF) and Princeton Area Community Foundation (PACF).

The New Jersey Arts and Culture Recovery Fund was established to ensure the survival and strength of the state’s arts and culture nonprofit sector during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. NJACRF provides financial support to catalyze an equitable statewide recovery and build resilience for New Jersey-based nonprofit arts, arts education, and/or history organizations facing disruption and loss.

For TCC, Funds from NJACRF are specifically supporting the salaries of key artistic staff (including this year’s the Composer-In-Residence, and Poetry Instructor), as well as underwriting the cost of instruments and software for enrolled students.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled and honored at the investment of NJACRF and PACF in our students,” said Alicia Brozovich, Director of Development, Marketing, and Communications. “With their help, we are able to continue our mission to empower Trenton-area youth during a beyond-difficult time. Their support is giving us the ability to deliver instruments, technology resources, unmatched academic support, and world-class instruction.”

While NJACRF has elected to support the artistic endeavors of TCC, The Princeton Area Community Foundation has chosen to invest in the TCC Learning Academy with a grant award from the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund Phase II: Continuing Relief and Unrestricted Operating Grant program.

The Learning Academy will continue to offer all of the excellent services it has provided for nearly ten years, but the overall focus of the Academy is not simply reduced to remedial academic support. SAT/ACT prep, alumni mentorship, college support, and college tuition scholarships will continue this year, as well. Additionally, every middle and high school student will benefit from individualized mentoring through the Writing Coaching program, led by Learning Academy Director, Gloria Bethea.

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