Petty Officer 1st Class Nabiel Cruz is a 2005 Nottingham High School graduate is currently serving at Naval Surface Squadron. 

Today Cruz serves as a religious program specialist. “I provide physical security for religious clergy along with administrative guidance during war,” said Cruz.  According to Cruz, the values required to succeed in the military are similar to those found in Trenton. “Growing up in Trenton showed me how to be strong, how to be a leader,” said Cruz. 

Cruz joined the Navy for the opportunities serving provides. Cruz’s favorite part of working in the Navy is improving and becoming a better sailor. “I love my command,” said Cruz. They push me to do better in areas where I need improvement, they push me to grow.” 

Though there are many opportunities for sailors to earn recognition in their command, community, and careers, Cruz is most proud of traveling the world and helping others. 

“Serving in the Navy means sacrifice,” added Cruz. I’ve sacrificed so much time away from my family and friends but knowing what I am doing is keeping the country safe helps me sleep better at night.”

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