Trenton Police Department’s Trunk or Treat is back after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The event is happening tonight and is set to have over 40 different trunks for kids of all ages to enjoy 

The event’s founder Alexis Durlacher, a Trenton police detective, passed it on to the Community Affairs Unit of Trenton PD and they are ready for the challenge. Detective Tamika Veal, Trenton Police Department, Community Affairs Unit, explained that they are excited to host this year.

“Community Affairs took over, and we were passed the torch. It is just a night of family fun. We’ll have a DJ, many different organizations, both policing and nonprofits come together…and just have a lot of fun for the kids,” Veal said.

The event starts at 6 p.m. and goes until 9 p.m. on Thursday, October 28th. Though Veal said that those who are planning to attend should arrive early. 

“I mean, when I tell you the kids come right after they get out of school, they’re like lining up. So the event starts at 6 p.m. and it’s over at nine. But the kids are…lined up down Clinton Avenue…It goes for miles. It’s an awesome experience,” Veal said.

The event will include Trenton Fire, Police, and EMS, nonprofits, retired captains, and everyone in between to help host the event. “We’ve kept the cap on the number of people that we have so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming, too much for the children to. You know, it’s sensory overload,” Veal said. 

Tomika Sommers, a detective with the Community Affairs unit, explained that after the past two years everyone has had, this will be a much-needed refresher for everyone involved. “The partnerships that we’re going to have this coming Thursday, I think, is going to be a really good thing,” Sommers said. 

She continued to say that this is a good community event for everyone to enjoy and relax for an evening. “It’s going to be something that we need, because we’re coming off the tail end of this pandemic. We’re coming off the loss of people that we worked with previously. So…this right here will be something that’s going to be good…a good thing for the city, a good thing for the kids, a good thing for our partnership and the positive energy.”

All 47 trunks will carry boatloads of candy for everyone to enjoy.

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